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Village Dog Dayz FAQS

  1. What To Bring When Your Pet Is Boarding or Here For Day-Play

    1. Food/Treats

    2. Any Medications Needed

    3. Blankets and/or Bedding

    4. Everything else will be provided for your pet.

  2. The Evaluation Day Is To Ensure The Safety of Your Pet and Others. Please Consider These Things When Considering Daycare or Boarding. 

    1. Destructive Behaviours: Chewing on objects other than a toy provided to the dog

    2. Infectious/Contagious condition(s) (Warts, Fleas, Worms, Ringworm) if any of these things are seen or questionable your pet will be quarantined, and you will be asked to immediately pick them up.

    3. Aggressive/Attacking/Marking (Growling, Biting, Marking inside or on objects)

    4. Tolerance (Must be able to deal with unfamiliar people and other dogs of any size, and be handled.

    5. Runner/Escape (digging, Jumping Fence, Scratching At The Doors)

    6. Crate Trained (pet must be crate trained to board)

  3. What Days is Daycare provided? 

    1. No Daycare is provided on Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays. There will be at least four bathroom and exercise periods throughout the day when boarding on these days. Your pet will be crated during the other times.​

  4. Can I See/Tour the Facility Before Bringing My Pet?

    1. Tours are provided but must be requested and scheduled.​

  5. When Are Check-in and Pick-up Times For Boarding? 

    1. Monday - Friday between 8:00am - 10:00am or 4:00pm - 5:30pm

    2. Saturday 9:00am - 10:00am

    3. * Any other times must be requested and approved.

  6. Booking for Boarding Is Only Provided To DayCare Clients

    1. Deposit is required

    2. The earliest reservations will ensure placement due to capacity

    3. Bookings are made via phone or in-person.

    4. There is a 3-day requirement of cancellations or loss of deposit

  7. Do We Board Cats?

    1. Yes, we do also board cats. They also have vaccination and testing requirements.

    2. Vaccine Requirements

      1. FVRCP and Rabies. Testing (FIV and Feline Leukimia, and a Fecal​

    3. Cats must be on some type of flea treatment 

    4. Felines are $20.00 per night. 

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